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 With iTongue the phone is resting on a flexible stand which allows the phone to sit in an angle. 
 This allows screen of the phone to be more visible. 
 The user can see the notifications and status of the phone without picking up the phone. 
 Since the phone is more ergonomically positioned, 
  it is easier to operate the phone without picking it up.
  iTongue is perfect for watching videos on the phone. 
  The stand allows both portrait and landscape views. 
  The stand allows the easy viewing of movies and videos on your phone. 
  The stand is solid and sturdy enough so there is no worry about tipping over or falling.
  iTongue is perfect for new smartphones. 
  With iTongue acting as “handle” of the phone,
  it allows easy “One Hand” operation of the phone  without the risk of phone slipping out of your hand.
  iTongue gives leverage of securely holding the phone in one hand.
  iTongue’s unique stands allows the phone to be easily mounted on ANY car air vents
  and ANY car’s CD slots in car stereos.
  Since there are no actual attachments to the car, the placement of the phone on your car takes seconds.
  This simple yet innovative method of securing the phone on your vehicle is patented.
 iTongue’s stand is perfect when you are resting the phone on your shoulder.
  Because all of the smartphones are flat and thin,
  you are straining your neck to rest the phone on your shoulder.
  With the stand of the iTongue deployed,
  the phone easily rests on your shoulder for comfortable “hands free” operation of your phone.
for iphone app. The Big Clock
for Android app. Giant Clock
Korean Daily Newspaper
Best Product of the Year - 2015
We have 2 million dollars liability insurance

About iTongue :

Innovation and Style

Founded in 2013 iTongue has since become a leader in the smart phone accessories industry. We have been utilizing our industry expertise and challenging ourselves to create functional and up to date accessories to aid your everyday accessories needs. As trend seekers and innovators, we are continuously brainstorming new gadgets to hold your device in place whilemer service possible. We’re a company you can trust. Let us worry about your gadgets, and you take care of the fun!


Designed and manufactured in South Korea

iTongue products are planned and designed in South Korea with their strong, highly qualified team of product developers/designers. iTongue has a very strong R&D team that constantly is researching and developing products in regards to customers needs and demand.


Patents & Trademark

iTongue products are protected by one or more patents or patent pending applications in the United States including the following:
iTongue Smart phone holder is covered by the following Utility Patent

  PCT: 10-2013-0053755

iTongue is trademarks as well as patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). and South Korea.

Serial No.86417898


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